School Year Checklist

Make sure you complete all the items below for the 2016 After School Program
1. Make sure you fill out a current online registration form for the 2016 School Year.
2. Make sure you list the actual start date on the online form.
3. Make sure you list the students current school teacher for the 2016 School Year.
4. (T his is due every school year even for current students)  Make sure you pay your 2016 School Year Registration Fee of     25.00
5. Make sure you have notified your teacher that you will be picked up by Lakeland Academy After School Program
    (This is important because we do not go through the regular car line, we pick up in the After School Van Line)
6. Make sure you pack dance clothes and hair ties in your child's back pack each day for change out.
7. We provide a prepackaged snack each day that is complimentary, if you would like to pack extra in your bag that is fine.
8. Please note that if your child is going to be absent from our program for any reason at all and we are not notified by text by noon of  the current day that you will be charged 5.00 to your account. The number to text is 863-619-8641
9. Our After School Program is a Flat Rate program, there is no prorating for missed days.
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