Week 6- Around the World Week!
Weekly Camp Calendar
Grab your Passport!!
This week campers will become
world travelers as we adventure
around the world from 
continent to continent. 
Campers will get a chance to learn songs, dances,
and the culture of places 
around the world.
Monday July 10th
Make it Monday!
Make sure you sign up for Friday Field trip today!
Make Giant Flowers from Mexico!
Enjoy a special Birthday Celebration!
Make cow costumes for upcoming event tomorrow!
(Bring a White Shirt if possible to decorate for cow event)
Cheer Pom Dance Day
Group Games and Activities
Jazz, Tumble, Ballet,Drama Skits
Tuesday July 11th
Try It Tuesday! 
Field trip: Movie - Croods (Free)
Do not bring lunch today- Dress like a cow and get lunch free at Chick-Fil-A!!
Get a Free Icee at 7-11 today for afternoon snack!Group Games and Activities
Make Henna Hand Designs
Learn dances from around the world

Wednesday July 12th
Wacky Wednesday
Come Dressed in your favorite 
world themed costume to Win Prizes!
Green Screen pictures taken today all over the world!
Enjoy a Nacho Party today!
Learn more dances from around the world!
Group Games and Activities
Ballet, Jazz, Tumbling 
Thursday July 13th
Terrific Thursday!
Learn to use chopsticks and enjoy eating some noodles!
Water Day! (Bring suit, towel, and flip flops)
Make more crafts from Around the World!
Group Games Activities
Camp Video Competition
Lakeland Academy's Got Talent  Day
Friday July 14th
Fun Friday!
Florida Aquarium Field Trip Cost: $20.00
Must sign up on Monday!
(This is very important so we know a head count)
 Bring a bagged lunch this day
Group Games and Activities 
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